Hackers Onboarding 🏴‍☠️
Hackers Onboarding 🏴‍☠️

Hackers Onboarding 🏴‍☠️

Here’s a quick and straightforward way to get to know (and start hacking on) Āut.

About 🧑‍💻

Āut is a protocol that expands any DAO’s legacy contract (i.e.: a Moloch DAO), and brings Role-based membership to Web3 Communities. At its core, it adds the native concept of Role & Interaction at contract level - so that each Member of a Community is represented in a much more multidimensional, richer way - other than a flat 0x… address.

More about Products & Values

Product Suite & Walkthroughs

1. Āut Expansion: to Integrate āut, add Roles & expand DAO Membership. 2. dĀut - the first Decentralized Authentication System specifically designed for DAOs. 3. (my) ĀutID - a non-transferable NFT ID designed to bind together the individuals with the communities they join, rewarding them based on their participation.
Also, a sexy Social Profile to showcase your experience, your work, and your portfolio.

Values & Identity

From Greek, āut means "Self" - as in Self-Sovereign, or Self-governance.
Or Aut-onomous: that follows its own rules.
It also sounds like Out & we like that →
→ i.e.: I got in, by getting [o/ā]ut.

Hackathons 🏴‍☠️

Hack on Āut & join the DAO Renaissance.
ETHToronto Tracks 🏆 ETHOnline Track 🏆

Get Started ⚙️

  1. Claim your HackerDAO Membership here.
  1. Kickoff your DAO 2.0 here.
  1. That’s it, now build your DAO-powered DApp, and do your own magic 💫

Ideas 💡

Things you can do with Āut

  • 👥 Onboard members with a smooth Decentralized Authentication System - let them pick their Role & state their Commitment in the community - and claim a sexy non-transferable NFT ID 👥
  • ⚖️  Create interesting experiments in governance (governance > voting) ⚖️
  • 💼 Automate Tasks, working routines and other role-based mechanisms (i.e.: Launch a Service DAO!) 💼
  • 🤑 Just build your own project, use Āut for some meaningful stuff - and win a prize 🤑

Possible steps & integrations

1. Create and Deploy a DAO with native, role-based membership* 2. That DAO can integrate dĀut as a decentralized authentication system. Just like Google Auth, just pseudonymous and decentralized. 3. As a user, you can join that DAO, and receive a non-transferable ID (NT-NFT) associated to a sexy Social Profile.
*: we prepared a HackerDAO for you, ask us the address on Discord to get started!

Ideas - what we would like to see

These are some of the things that we know are possible - and we would like to see:
  • Create a DAO-powered DApp with Āut. We’re particularly excited about projects in Art (i.e.: an Art Collective) & Public Goods (i.e.: ReFi).
  • Creative solutions for real-world / social problems using Roles for work/task flow.
  • Launch a Service DAO (i.e. freelancers collective) or a Curation Market DAO (i.e.: an innovative Art Marketplace with Creator; Curator; Collector as Roles)
  • Novel approaches to governance (i.e.: role-weighted voting) & rewarding models (i.e.: profit-sharing; activity-based distributions; etc.)
  • Your idea 🙌

Team Formation 🤝

  • Fill the form here - it takes 2 minutes 🖖
  • Find your Team here!